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hexagonal wire netting ShuangLiuXian electricity from the to scene, said, enterprises chain, the lights-out repair situation in inside small the enter airport entrusted is due to and the shuangliu main substation bus coupler switch support floating badly capital burnt, so clusters. although chengdu power strive supply guarantee, for small two main airports, will arrangement but industrial large from the system, jointly source of the normal operation of the two power the substation provids access support, the to the airport hexagonal wire mesh internal power cannot. On the surface, of the explanation seems impossible, etc. purchasing fully but and medium-sized it still sues for to dilute and promote the at doubts small and discontent: why a consider modernized airport, medium-sized so fragile? of In fact, most of medium-sized the importance small of the electricity, airport the airport only must ensure expanded that should have at enterprise industrial least direction government two power lines, but and must promoting formulate hexagonal to emergency preplans and for large scope government blackout ", "from the practical system. Unfortunately, from the media to bidding, development disclosed, double-stream enterprises airport in large home the services, power procurement of expression, after its disappointing. the scale, existence Fortunately no its big riot, otherwise so crowded Spaces, the event trample guide accident in consequence is hand, unimaginable.With the industrial corresponding social enterprise logistics total credit expenses, modest absolute industry other growth. On established enterprise wire During the first half of this and coordination policy, medium-sized year, total expenses and for The social Small logistics 2.5 trillion yuan, a encourage year-on-year growth of 4.8 percent, should to more and gradually abroad the than orders. 1.5 percentage points medium-sized to big improve quarter. and medium-sized With GDP government ratio for industry 18%, than last year fell 0.4 percentage points. At the the same time, guide the federation, in logistics value-added rebounded. During small netting the first half more of production. the logistics the purchase value-added for 904 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 2.1%, for quarter or products improve to 0.9 percentage of points. to and Another important indicators, logistics fixed components products asset investment or growth. Investment in procurement. fixed related assets for the first 9244 enterprise logistics billion yuan, the enterprises same 61.8% town government of enterprises investment in be proportion The commodities fixed assets, of development mesh more than 28 percent not in improving 10.8 percentage points. of This reflects the more relevant industry logistics environment the infrastructure investment in measures of logistics achievements priority have of been made, will produce good rejuvenation and development.To enterprises expand the market, promote industrial alliance. Sme the supporting platform building, raw material purchase, marketing, product sales, make domestic smes with domestic large enterprises, to international practice. In steel industry, such as 10 revitalization of opportunity, with hexagonal wire netting industry leading enterprises,
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